How to use My Wycombe

Use My Wycombe to find maps, local services and information about your property and the former Wycombe district area.

My Wycombe has 6 key features that enable you to find information about your property and local area:

My Wycombe feature Use

My Property

Enter your postcode or address to find out information such as your:

  • Councillors
  • Recent and historic planning applications within 100m
  • Planning constraint and environment information

My Nearest

Find your nearest services and facilities in a text-based format

My Maps

Use interactive maps to find your nearest services and facilities

My Alerts

Sign up for planning application alerts

My Ward

Find information about your local ward, including your elected representatives for Buckinghamshire Council

My Parish

Find information about your local parish or unparished area

Searching for addresses

My Wycombe will accept any one of the following parts of an address:

  • Part/all of the first line of an address for example "27 mendip", "27 mendip way", 'mendip 27'
  • Postcode, for example 'hp27 7ny'
  • Property name, especially if less common for example 'st andrews'
  • Street name, more useful for smaller streets for example 'colville road'
  • Property number, more useful for unusual numbers for example '42a'
  • Location name, useful for finding properties within a village for example 'fawley'

When entering address details:

  • don't worry about case - searches can be done using capitals and/or lower case letters
  • complete your words for example for a street name or postcode
  • and do not enter a full address - there is less chance of finding the address you want due to possible spelling mistakes/variations and how the address is structured in the database

For any address information entered, a list of suggested addresses will automatically appear below the entry box. Usually the quickest way to find the intended address is to enter the postcode. This is because, on average, there are only 15 addresses that share exactly the same one.

If a property does not appear on the drop-down list, click on 'Show full results' or 'Find' to return a complete list of search results.

Using My Wycombe on mobiles and tablets

My Wycombe has been redesigned to make it easier to use on mobiles and tablets. We've tested it on several different devices, operating systems and browsers.

We can't guarantee that all the features work on every device. Using map based services on smallers devices or with slow internet connections will always be a challenge.

If My Wycombe doesn't work as expected, please let us know quoting the device model, operating system version and browser. Where we can replicate the problem, we will work with our suppliers to resolve it.