Cookies set by iShare (My Wycombe)

We use the Astun iShare web application to provide a mapping service (My Wycombe) for residents living in the former Wycombe district area of Buckinghamshire.

iShare sets cookies to allow you to personalise the service to your address and remember your most recently viewed tabs.

Name Purpose Expires
atLocation Stores location information that drives the 'My Maps' mapping screen in My Wycombe 1 month
astun Version number of Astun iShare web application 30 days
astun:baseMap Identifier for most recently selected base map in My Maps 1 month
astun:currentLocation Most recently set address and its coordinates 30 days
astun:mapSource Identifier for map overlay configuration in My Maps 1 month
astun:mapView Location and extents of the most recent view of the map in My Maps 1 month
astun:panelsAccordionStatus Number identifying last opened panel in My Nearest 30 days
astun:panelsCollapseStatus IDs of collapsed panels in My Maps 30 days
astun:previousLocation Address and its coordinates of last location in My Maps 1 month
astun:rLayers_[profile_identifier] The list of layers currently added to the Map Categories panel for a given profile (eg ORGANISATION_mapsource) 1 month
astun:vLyrs_ish_[profile_identifier] Layers turned on in My Maps for a given profile (eg ORGANISATION_mapsource) 1 month
atMyCouncil Identifier of most recent tab visited by user and changes to visibility of panels in My House and My Nearest 1 month
atLocation Most recently set address and its coordinates 30 days
astun:layerPanelOpenGroups Layer group expanded in panel in My Maps 1 month
myAlerts Encrypted user logon details 90 days
panelsaccordionstatus Number identifying last opened panel in My Nearest (replaced by astun:panelsAccordionStatus) 300 days

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